Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The big hit eludes them again.

a person who tends to raise alarms, esp. without sufficient reason, as by exaggerating dangers or prophesying calamities.The following are the cold hard truths.
I guess you can ring the bell. With eight of their losses coming by one run, and a continued inability to  make solid contact with runners in scoring position,The Mets seem to be giving away winnable games, losing last night to the Nationals by the score of 3-2. On a night that John Maine gave them six innings and only gave up 2 runs, The Mets offense was stagnant.One for twelve with runners in scoring position just wont cut it. Another alarm went off when David Wright stuck out in the first inning. It was his 9th in nine at bats, a new team record  for futility. The good news is that when Wright puts the ball in play his average is a robust .466. While his overall numbers this season look (Ops of .968)ok, his strikeout rate over the last year and a half is alarming. The old Wright had an ability to just put the ball in play when he had  two strikes on him. Of course he is not alone. Reyes is still getting up to speed and Bay has done virtually nothing on the offensive front. My guess is that these guys will all get hot sooner rather than later. But the make up of the team is pretty streaky. The Mets seem to lack that one consistent offensive force. A player who can hit for some power, and a high average, while keeping the strikeouts to a minimum. That player would seem to be Jose Reyes. Overall, the team's offensive numbers are drab.
The New York  Mets as a team, sit 8th in hr's, 13th in rbi's, and 14th in obp in the National League. They rank 12th in total bases, 11th in runs scored, and 12th in slugging. These numbers tell the story so far in 2010. More often than not, it has been The Met's offense that has fallen short in losses. Their team era of 3.58 is good for 4th in the National League. Their clutch hitting tells a different story. In 276 ab's with runners in scoring position, The Mets have hit just 5 home runs, have 92 rbi's and hit for a  .228 batting average.They also have a whopping 76 strikeouts. Until they can get good wood on the ball with runners on base, I think The Mets are destined to be around the .500 mark.

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