Thursday, April 28, 2011

R.Ace in the hole...Dickey a leader of men with words and actions

The once beleagered New York Mets found a way to win their sixth straight game behind the bat of Daniel Murphy and the right arm of R.A Dickey., In winning their second road series of the year, (both in games pitched by R.A), the streaking Mets found a way to come back from two late inning defecits and a critical bad call by the third base umpire on a Jose Reyes triple attempt. While replays confirmed that Jose was safe at third, these "New Mets" used the bad call as motivation for the late inning comeback. The Mets received key contributions from back up infielders Chin-lung Hu and Justin Turner. However the biggest blow was the pinch hit homerun by Murphy, struck immediately after the blown call,  to tie the score in the eighth and his two run double that gave The Mets their final margin of victory. It's no coincidence that The Mets have been a different team since Dickey aired out himself and his teammates, asking that each player take responsibility for their poor play.

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