Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Snappy Recap.

The following is a post from Guest Analyst S. Chilcott

Underdog and the Turnstiles of Your Memory….
OK, so the humiliations did not take a week; Jeffy Wilpon thought it’d be a good (cute?) idea to have t-shirts made with a blue & orange “U” (for Underdog, dummy) on them, cementing our 2012 Mets image as the “little team that couldn’t” less than a full week into camp.

The face of the team-who usually has his tongue sticking out of it- David Wright, displayed the only set of testicles in camp by not pretending to be happy about it or to think it was a good idea. Wright should get Jeffy and Fredo shirts that say "Math Club" on it, and see how they like it. He's absolutely right that it's a stupid tactic. If you need to be tricked in spring training, then you're cooked already, go pack up the baseballs for 2012.

It’s lame, and it’s sad that someone who has so much personal input on a public trust like our Metsies can be so clueless as to what it would look like to the fans, other fans or other players.  It’s a joke-but at least they brought the fences in 3 years later, and painted the walls Mets blue. Baby steps.

On second-Donnie Baseball says Dodgers are Yankees of LA.
Donnie drags us into the conversation re: the Dodgers and the Angels by saying this: “It’s kind of like the Mets and the Yankees,” Mattingly said. “No matter what the Mets did, they’re going to have their years that they play well but the Yankees are the team. Donnie must have been focused on hitting during his no-ring getting time in NYC, as he should have been; the Mets outdrew the Yanks in attendance every year from 1984-1992.  The Yanks never even drew 3 million people in a year until 1999, or 12 years after the Mets first did it or 11 years after the Mets had then done it twice.  Don't get me wrong- this is a long era of Yankeedom we live in nowadays-17 years of Yankee domination, no question.  But Donnie can't rewrite-or is a better Yankee term misremembered?-history. We had the 80’s, Donnie, your owner was going to move you to Jersey, remember?

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