Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One small step for Fred..(and company)...one giant step for The New York Mets

So the financial clouds that have hovered over the New York Mets like a plague, have finally lifted and are slowly drifting out to Flushing Bay. News of the team's financial settlement in the Bernie Madoff/Irving Picard Ponzi mess, bodes well for the future of our beloved franchise. Wilpon haters will have to swallow their pride and reluctantly accept that the team will remain in the control of the former lefthander from Brooklyn's Lafayette High School. I ask that fans give this guy a break. If you look at the body of work one thing stands out: the man has been willing to spend money and I think he wants to win. The Mets were at the top of the NL Salary hierarchy for a number of years since Fred Wilpon has gained majority control of the team. I understand that 1986 is ancient history, but the fact remains that he was one of the owners of that team so he does wear a championship ring. I believe in my heart that he wants to win another one and with the storm clouds dissipating, the team can finally look to sunnier days. I feel that the management team of Sandy Alderson, Paul DePodesta, and J.P. Ricciardi, given the future resources that will become available to them, will be able to build a team capable of competing for a World Series Title. I think The Team will continue to focus on developing young talent (especially concentrating on pitching), but now will be able to supplement that talent with a key free agent acquisition or two. I would expect a return to playoff contention as early as 2013, with 2014 being the target year to become a legitimate World Series contender. It's easy to gang up on current ownership and bash them to no end, but hindsight  (in reviewing performance) is always 20-20. I remember how excited Mets' fans were when we signed Johan Santana, thinking that move would surely put the 2008 Mets over the top. Or how about when Sports Illustrated picked the 2009 Mets to win the World Series (after Omar traded for J.J. Putz and signed Krod to a free agent deal), thinking that we shortened games to 7 innings with a potentially lights out bullpen. Sure us fans have all the answers. Lets get behind this team and see if current management can make the moves to put us over the top. I for one, continue to choose to see the glass as half full. 1969.....1973....and 1986......faith when all is lost...it's what being a Met's fan is all about.

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