Thursday, April 5, 2012

Yes, I have been drinking the Koolaid..My 2012 Met's Performance Predictions...

Offense will not be a problem for this team....
Won loss record 85-77
Starting Lineup
Andre Torress .255 8HR 44RBI good 4th OF..
Daniel Murphy .306 18HR  75RBI
Lucas Duda .280 34HR 98RBI
David Wright .292 25HR 105RBI
Ike Davis .293 33HR 105RBI
Jason Bay .272 25HR 86RBI
Josh Thole .285 8HR 65RBI
Ruben Tejada .275 5HR 55RBI
Starting Pitching
Johan Santana 12 wins 8 losses
R.A. Dickey 18 wins 10 losses
Jon Niese 14 wins 9 losses
Mike Pelfrey 16 wins 12 losses
Dillon Gee 14 wins 10 losses
Francisco 25 saves
J Rauch 12 saves
B. Parnell 10 Saves

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