Monday, April 16, 2012

The Good..The Bad...The Ugly.....

Well The Mets have won six games and lost only three. I think that most Mets fans have embraced this good start and are slowly getting behind this team.
The Good...
The starting pitching has been fantastic. The staff is 4-2, with not one stinker yet. Johan Santana could easily be 2-0, but his presence provides the emotional boost that only a staff ace could. R.A. Dickey is another leader, and continues to develop into a Phil Niekro type knuckle baller. Jon Niese is doing everything he can to justify his new contract and is now 2-0. He is a lefty with considerable talent and it seems like he is maturing right before our eyes. We have to take a wait and see approach to the back end of the rotation, and keep our fingers crossed that Dillon Gee can continue to develop after an outstanding rookie campaign. He won 13 in 26 starts last year, so why would you expect less than a 15 win season? Just saying! Think this dude knows how to pitch. Mike Pelfrey seems to be getting his stuff together again. He's making people swing and miss which is usually not his m.o. Bullpen has been a plus overall. Francisco has been outstanding and Rauch a great setup man.
The Bad..
The middle of the lineup needs to start producing more consistently. Ike Davis, Jason Bay, and Lucas Duda need to provide extra base hits with some consistency. Team Speed wen on the DL with Torres.
The Ugly....
The Defense at second base, right field, and behind the plate need to make the easy plays. The relief pitching needs to lower their collective WHIP. Walking hitters is a recipe for disaster. Many Acosta, Ramon Ramirez, and Miguel Batista have given up 13 walks in 10 2/3 innings. Not good.

Overall I think The Mets are still on track to come close to my pre season predictions.

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